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Technology-Enhanced Learning: Review and Prospects

Westera, Wim (2010)

Serdica Journal of Computing


This paper is a reflection on the history and future of technology-enhanced learning. Over the last century various new technologies were introduced in education. Often, educational revolutions were proclaimed. Unfortunately, most of these new technologies failed to meet the high expectations. This paper reviews the rise and fall of various "revolutionary" learning technologies and analyses what went wrong. Three main driving factors are identified that influence the educational system:...

Specifics of Geography Teacher Training at the Faculty of Natural Sciences Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra

Magdaléna Nemčíková, Zuzana Rampašeková, Hilda Kramáreková, Alena Dubcová (2019)

Annales Universitatis Paedagogicae Cracoviensis Studia Geographica


The Slovak education is currently experiencing a turbulent period associated with ongoing efforts to reform the education system, under-funding of education with low teacher salaries, overworked and feminized teaching staff, low social status of a teacher in society, problems in the creation and distribution of current textbooks, insufficient interest in studying natural sciences, leaving of young people to study abroad, etc. This situation is also reflected in the training of future...

Evaluating the Quality of Student Web Design Projects Оценка на качеството на студентски проекти за уеб дизайн

Shotlekov, Ivan, Rahnev, Asen (2010)

Union of Bulgarian Mathematicians


Иван Шотлеков, Асен Рахнев - В настоящата работа се представя набор от критерии за оценяване на качеството на студентски проекти за уеб дизайн. Критериите са подходящи за разработване, самооценяване, колегиално оценяване и оценка на уеб сайтове, проектирани от студенти. Тази оценъчна скала е апробирана по време на курс “Английски език в информационните технологии”, проведен със студенти от първи курс по информатика във Факултета по математика и информатика на Пловдивски университет “Паисий...


A. Arcas, A. Miñarro, M. Calvo (2009)

Boletín de Estadística e Investigación Operativa. BEIO