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On the L-pointwise regularity of functions in critical Besov spaces.

Mohamed Moussa (2004)

Revista Matemática Complutense


We show that the functions in L(R) given by the sum of infinitely sparse wavelet expansions are regular, i.e. belong to C  (x), for all x ∈ R which is outside of a set of vanishing Hausdorff dimension.

Актуальные проблемы школьного математического образования Current Problems of School Mathematical Education

Сергеева, Татьяна (2012)

Union of Bulgarian Mathematicians


Tatyana F. Sergeeva - Basic problems of school mathematical education are analysed in the paper and key factors of its development are designed. Experience of productive international cooperation is described – the Bulgarian-Russian project "MITE" in the field of techniques of training in Mathematics, improvement of professional skills of teachers and work with mathematically gifted students. В статье проанализированы основные проблемы школьного математического образования...

A note on D 11 -modules.

Talebi, Y., Veylaki, M. (2008)

The Journal of Nonlinear Sciences and its Applications


The Global Campus - ICT and the Future of Universities

Nikolov, Roumen (2010)

Serdica Journal of Computing


This paper analyses the changes which the ICT causes on a global scale. The globalization of higher education triggered by e-Learning, the emergence of e-infrastructure for e-science, the Open Educational Resources movement, e-libraries and the tendency of building global educational alliances are analysed as well. Special emphasis is put on several wellknown university models, e.g. Research University, Open University and Entrepreneurial University, as well as on some emerging university...