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A derivation of Lovász’ theta via augmented Lagrange duality

Mustapha Ç. Pinar (2003)

RAIRO - Operations Research - Recherche Opérationnelle


A recently introduced dualization technique for binary linear programs with equality constraints, essentially due to Poljak et al. [13], and further developed in Lemaréchal and Oustry [9], leads to simple alternative derivations of well-known, important relaxations to two well-known problems of discrete optimization: the maximum stable set problem and the maximum vertex cover problem. The resulting relaxation is easily transformed to the well-known Lovász θ number.

On the extension of Rosenbrock's theory in algebraic design on multivariable controllers.

Manuel de la Sen (1986)



System similarity and system strict equivalence concepts from Rosenbrock's theory on linear systems are used to establish algebraic conditions of model matching as well as an algebraic method for design of centralized compensators. The ideas seem to be extensible without difficulty to a class of decentralized control.

Algebraic conditions for t -tough graphs

Bo Lian Liu, Siyuan Chen (2010)

Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal


We give some algebraic conditions for t -tough graphs in terms of the Laplacian eigenvalues and adjacency eigenvalues of graphs.