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A unified approach to some strategies for the treatment of breakdown in Lanczos-type algorithms

A. El Guennouni (1999)

Applicationes Mathematicae


The Lanczos method for solving systems of linear equations is implemented by using some recurrence relationships between polynomials of a family of formal orthogonal polynomials or between those of two adjacent families of formal orthogonal polynomials. A division by zero can occur in these relations, thus producing a breakdown in the algorithm which has to be stopped. In this paper, three strategies to avoid this drawback are discussed: the MRZ and its variants, the normalized and unnormalized...

Parametrization of integral values of polynomials

Giulio Peruginelli (2010)

Actes des rencontres du CIRM


We will recall a recent result about the classification of those polynomial in one variable with rational coefficients whose image over the integer is equal to the image of an integer coefficients polynomial in possibly many variables. These set is polynomially generated over the integers by a family of polynomials whose denominator is 2 and they have a symmetry with respect to a particular axis. We will also give a description of the linear factors of the bivariate separated...