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The digamma function, Euler-Lehmer constants and their p-adic counterparts

T. Chatterjee, S. Gun (2014)

Acta Arithmetica


The goal of this article is twofold. First, we extend a result of Murty and Saradha (2007) related to the digamma function at rational arguments. Further, we extend another result of the same authors (2008) about the nature of p-adic Euler-Lehmer constants.

Classification of p-adic 6-dimensional filiform Leibniz algebras by solutions of x q = a

Manuel Ladra, Bakhrom Omirov, Utkir Rozikov (2013)

Open Mathematics


We study the p-adic equation x q = a over the field of p-adic numbers. We construct an algorithm which gives a solvability criteria in the case of q = p m and present a computer program to compute the criteria for any fixed value of m ≤ p − 1. Moreover, using this solvability criteria for q = 2; 3; 4; 5; 6, we classify p-adic 6-dimensional filiform Leibniz algebras.