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Relatively independent joinings and subsystems of W*-dynamical systems

Rocco Duvenhage (2012)

Studia Mathematica


Relatively independent joinings of W*-dynamical systems are constructed. This is intimately related to subsystems of W*-dynamical systems, and therefore we also study general properties of subsystems, in particular fixed point subsystems and compact subsystems. This allows us to obtain characterizations of weak mixing and relative ergodicity, as well as of certain compact subsystems, in terms of joinings.


M. Chrobak, M. Habib, P. John, H. Sachs, H. Zernitz, J. R. Reay, G. Sierksma, M. M. Sysło, T. Traczyk, W. Wessel (1987)

Applicationes Mathematicae


Dynamical characterization of C-sets and its application

Jian Li (2012)

Fundamenta Mathematicae


We set up a general correspondence between algebraic properties of βℕ and sets defined by dynamical properties. In particular, we obtain a dynamical characterization of C-sets, i.e., sets satisfying the strong Central Sets Theorem. As an application, we show that Rado systems are solvable in C-sets.

Estimation of the noncentrality matrix of a noncentral Wishart distribution with unit scale matrix. A matrix generalization of Leung's domination result.

Heinz Neudecker (2004)



The main aim is to estimate the noncentrality matrix of a noncentral Wishart distribution. The method used is Leung's but generalized to a matrix loss function. Parallelly Leung's scalar noncentral Wishart identity is generalized to become a matrix identity. The concept of Löwner partial ordering of symmetric matrices is used.

A matrix derivation of a representation theorem for (tr A).

Heinz Neudecker (1989)



A matrix derivation of a well-known representation theorem for (tr A) is given, which is the solution of a restricted maximization problem. The paper further gives a solution of the corresponding restricted minimization problem.

A note on the scalar Haffian.

Heinz Neudecker (2000)



In this note a uniform transparent presentation of the scalar Haffian will be given. Some well-known results will be generalized. A link will be established between the scalar Haffian and the derivative matrix as developed by Magnus and Neudecker.

The Lvov years of Wacław Sierpiński

Andrzej Schinzel (2009)

Banach Center Publications


An account is given of Sierpiński's activity in Lvov (1908-1918) interrupted by World War I.