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Smith's counterexample about uniform rotundity in every direction.

Manuel Fernández, Isidro Palacios (2000)

Extracta Mathematicae


It is an open question when the direct sum of normed spaces inherits uniform rotundity in every direction from the factor spaces. M. Smith [4] showed that, in general, the answer is negative. The purpose of this paper is to carry out a complete study of Smith's counterexample.

On the lambda-property and computation of the lambda-function of some normed spaces.

Mohamed Akkouchi, Hassan Sadiky (1993)

Extracta Mathematicae


R. M. Aron and R. H. Lohman introduced, in [1], the notion of lambda-property in a normed space and calculated the lambda-function for some classical normed spaces. In this paper we give some more general remarks on this lambda-property and compute the lambda-function of other normed spaces, namely: B(S,∑,X) and M(E).

A universal modulus for normed spaces

Carlos Benítez, Krzysztof Przesławski, David Yost (1998)

Studia Mathematica


We define a handy new modulus for normed spaces. More precisely, given any normed space X, we define in a canonical way a function ξ:[0,1)→ ℝ which depends only on the two-dimensional subspaces of X. We show that this function is strictly increasing and convex, and that its behaviour is intimately connected with the geometry of X. In particular, ξ tells us whether or not X is uniformly smooth, uniformly convex, uniformly non-square or an inner product space.

Bidual Spaces and Reflexivity of Real Normed Spaces

Keiko Narita, Noboru Endou, Yasunari Shidama (2014)

Formalized Mathematics


In this article, we considered bidual spaces and reflexivity of real normed spaces. At first we proved some corollaries applying Hahn-Banach theorem and showed related theorems. In the second section, we proved the norm of dual spaces and defined the natural mapping, from real normed spaces to bidual spaces. We also proved some properties of this mapping. Next, we defined real normed space of R, real number spaces as real normed spaces and proved related theorems. We can regard linear...