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Rational points on X 0 + ( N ) and quadratic -curves

Steven D. Galbraith (2002)

Journal de théorie des nombres de Bordeaux


The rational points on X 0 ( N ) / W N in the case where N is a composite number are considered. A computational study of some of the cases not covered by the results of Momose is given. Exceptional rational points are found in the cases N = 91 and N = 125 and the j -invariants of the corresponding quadratic -curves are exhibited.

CAPS in Z(2,n)

Kurz, Sascha (2009)

Serdica Journal of Computing


We consider point sets in (Z^2,n) where no three points are on a line – also called caps or arcs. For the determination of caps with maximum cardinality and complete caps with minimum cardinality we provide integer linear programming formulations and identify some values for small n.

Modelling stock returns with AR-GARCH processes.

Elzbieta Ferenstein, Miroslaw Gasowski (2004)



Financial returns are often modelled as autoregressive time series with random disturbances having conditional heteroscedastic variances, especially with GARCH type processes. GARCH processes have been intensely studied in financial and econometric literature as risk models of many financial time series. Analyzing two data sets of stock prices we try to fit AR(1) processes with GARCH or EGARCH errors to the log returns. Moreover, hyperbolic or generalized error distributions occur to...