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Convergence theorems for measures with values in Riesz spaces

Domenico Candeloro (2002)



In some recent papers, results of uniform additivity have been obtained for convergent sequences of measures with values in l -groups. Here a survey of these results and some of their applications are presented, together with a convergence theorem involving Lebesgue decompositions.

Uniformly countably additive families of measures and group invariant measures.

Baltasar Rodríguez-Salinas (1998)

Collectanea Mathematica


The extension of finitely additive measures that are invariant under a group permutations or mappings has already been widely studied. We have dealt with this problem previously from the point of view of Hahn-Banach's theorem and von Neumann's measurable groups theory. In this paper we construct countably additive measures from a close point of view, different to that of Haar's Measure Theory.

Vector Measures, c₀, and (sb) Operators

Elizabeth M. Bator, Paul W. Lewis, Dawn R. Slavens (2006)

Bulletin of the Polish Academy of Sciences. Mathematics


Emmanuele showed that if Σ is a σ-algebra of sets, X is a Banach space, and μ: Σ → X is countably additive with finite variation, then μ(Σ) is a Dunford-Pettis set. An extension of this theorem to the setting of bounded and finitely additive vector measures is established. A new characterization of strongly bounded operators on abstract continuous function spaces is given. This characterization motivates the study of the set of (sb) operators. This class of maps is used to extend results...

Conical measures and vector measures

Igor Kluvánek (1977)

Annales de l'institut Fourier


Every conical measure on a weak complete space E is represented as integration with respect to a σ -additive measure on the cylindrical σ -algebra in E . The connection between conical measures on E and E -valued measures gives then some sufficient conditions for the representing measure to be finite.