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Bessel matrix differential equations: explicit solutions of initial and two-point boundary value problems

Enrique Navarro, Rafael Company, Lucas Jódar (1993)

Applicationes Mathematicae


In this paper we consider Bessel equations of the type t 2 X ( 2 ) ( t ) + t X ( 1 ) ( t ) + ( t 2 I - A 2 ) X ( t ) = 0 , where A is an n × n complex matrix and X(t) is an n × m matrix for t > 0. Following the ideas of the scalar case we introduce the concept of a fundamental set of solutions for the above equation expressed in terms of the data dimension. This concept allows us to give an explicit closed form solution of initial and two-point boundary value problems related to the Bessel equation.

Solutions of Linear Equations

Karol Pąk (2008)

Formalized Mathematics


In this paper I present the Kronecker-Capelli theorem which states that a system of linear equations has a solution if and only if the rank of its coefficient matrix is equal to the rank of its augmented matrix.MML identifier: MATRIX15, version: 7.8.09 4.97.1001