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Filters of R 0 -algebras.

Jun, Young Bae, Lianzhen, Liu (2006)

International Journal of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences


Soju Filters in Hoop Algebras

Rajab Ali Borzooei, Gholam Reza Rezaei, Mona Aaly Kologhani, Young Bae Jun (2021)

Bulletin of the Section of Logic


The notions of (implicative) soju filters in a hoop algebra are introduced, and related properties are investigated. Relations between a soju sub-hoop, a soju filter and an implicative soju filter are discussed. Conditions for a soju filter to be implicative are displayed, and characterizations of an implicative soju filters are considered. The extension property of an implicative soju filter is established.

On the lattice of n-filters of an LM n-algebra

Dumitru Buşneag, Florentina Chirteş (2007)

Open Mathematics


For an n-valued Łukasiewicz-Moisil algebra L (or LM n-algebra for short) we denote by F n(L) the lattice of all n-filters of L. The goal of this paper is to study the lattice F n(L) and to give new characterizations for the meet-irreducible and completely meet-irreducible elements on F n(L).

Closure spaces and characterizations of filters in terms of their Stone images

Anh Tran Mynard, Frédéric Mynard (2007)

Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal


Fréchet, strongly Fréchet, productively Fréchet, weakly bisequential and bisequential filters (i.e., neighborhood filters in spaces of the same name) are characterized in a unified manner in terms of their images in the Stone space of ultrafilters. These characterizations involve closure structures on the set of ultrafilters. The case of productively Fréchet filters answers a question of S. Dolecki and turns out to be the only one involving a non topological closure structure. ...

Compounding Objects

Zvonimir Šikić (2020)

Bulletin of the Section of Logic


We prove a characterization theorem for filters, proper filters and ultrafilters which is a kind of converse of Łoś's theorem. It is more natural than the usual intuition of these terms as large sets of coordinates, which is actually unconvincing in the case of ultrafilters. As a bonus, we get a very simple proof of Łoś's theorem.