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On a regularization method for variational inequalities with P_0 mappings

Igor Konnov, Elena Mazurkevich, Mohamed Ali (2005)

International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science


We consider partial Browder-Tikhonov regularization techniques for variational inequality problems with P_0 cost mappings and box-constrained feasible sets. We present classes of economic equilibrium problems which satisfy such assumptions and propose a regularization method for these problems.

On M -stationary points for a stochastic equilibrium problem under equilibrium constraints in electricity spot market modeling

René Henrion, Werner Römisch (2007)

Applications of Mathematics


Modeling several competitive leaders and followers acting in an electricity market leads to coupled systems of mathematical programs with equilibrium constraints, called equilibrium problems with equilibrium constraints (EPECs). We consider a simplified model for competition in electricity markets under uncertainty of demand in an electricity network as a (stochastic) multi-leader-follower game. First order necessary conditions are developed for the corresponding stochastic EPEC based...

Solution set in a special case of generalized Nash equilibrium games

Josef Cach (2001)



A special class of generalized Nash equilibrium problems is studied. Both variational and quasi-variational inequalities are used to derive some results concerning the structure of the sets of equilibria. These results are applied to the Cournot oligopoly problem.