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On local injectivity and asymptotic linearity of quasiregular mappings

V. Gutlyanskiĭ, O. Martio, V. Ryazanov, M. Vuorinen (1998)

Studia Mathematica


It is shown that the approximate continuity of the dilatation matrix of a quasiregular mapping f at x 0 implies the local injectivity and the asymptotic linearity of f at x 0 . Sufficient conditions for l o g | f ( x ) - f ( x 0 ) | to behave asymptotically as l o g | x - x 0 | are given. Some global injectivity results are derived.

Smooth quasiregular mappings with branching

Mario Bonk, Juha Heinonen (2004)

Publications Mathématiques de l'IHÉS


We give an example of a 𝒞 3 - ϵ -smooth quasiregular mapping in 3-space with nonempty branch set. Moreover, we show that the branch set of an arbitrary quasiregular mapping in-space has Hausdorff dimension quantitatively bounded away from . By using the second result, we establish a new, qualitatively sharp relation between smoothness and branching.