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Formality and the Lefschetz property in symplectic and cosymplectic geometry

Giovanni Bazzoni, Marisa Fernández, Vicente Muñoz (2015)

Complex Manifolds


We review topological properties of Kähler and symplectic manifolds, and of their odd-dimensional counterparts, coKähler and cosymplectic manifolds. We focus on formality, Lefschetz property and parity of Betti numbers, also distinguishing the simply-connected case (in the Kähler/symplectic situation) and the b1 = 1 case (in the coKähler/cosymplectic situation).

Some properties of para-Kähler-Walker metrics

Mustafa Özkan, Murat İşcan (2014)

Annales Polonici Mathematici


A Walker 4-manifold is a pseudo-Riemannian manifold (M₄,g) of neutral signature, which admits a field of parallel null 2-planes. We study almost paracomplex structures on 4-dimensional para-Kähler-Walker manifolds. In particular, we obtain conditions under which these almost paracomplex structures are integrable, and the corresponding para-Kähler forms are symplectic. We also show that Petean's example of a nonflat indefinite Kähler-Einstein 4-manifold is a special case of our constructions. ...