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The lattice of subvarieties of the biregularization of the variety of Boolean algebras

Jerzy Płonka (2001)

Discussiones Mathematicae - General Algebra and Applications


Let τ: F → N be a type of algebras, where F is a set of fundamental operation symbols and N is the set of all positive integers. An identity φ ≈ ψ is called biregular if it has the same variables in each of it sides and it has the same fundamental operation symbols in each of it sides. For a variety V of type τ we denote by V b the biregularization of V, i.e. the variety of type τ defined by all biregular identities from Id(V). Let B be the variety of Boolean algebras of type τ b : + , · , ´ N , where...

Generalised irredundance in graphs: Nordhaus-Gaddum bounds

Ernest J. Cockayne, Stephen Finbow (2004)

Discussiones Mathematicae Graph Theory


For each vertex s of the vertex subset S of a simple graph G, we define Boolean variables p = p(s,S), q = q(s,S) and r = r(s,S) which measure existence of three kinds of S-private neighbours (S-pns) of s. A 3-variable Boolean function f = f(p,q,r) may be considered as a compound existence property of S-pns. The subset S is called an f-set of G if f = 1 for all s ∈ S and the class of f-sets of G is denoted by Ω f ( G ) . Only 64 Boolean functions f can produce different classes Ω f ( G ) , special cases...