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A study of the tangent space model of the von Mises-Fisher distrubution.

A. Chakak, L. Imhali (2003)



For a random rotation X = M e where M is a 3 x 3 rotation, ε is a trivariate random vector, and φ(ε) is a skew symmetric matrix, the least squares criterion consists of seeking a rotation M called the mean rotation minimizing tr[(M - E(X)) (M - E(X))]. Some conditions on the distribution of ε are set so that the least squares estimator is unbiased. Of interest is when ε is normally distributed N(0;Σ). Unbiasedness of the least squares estimator is dealt with according to eigenvalues...

Ferromagnetic integrals, correlations and maximum principles

Johannes Sjöstrand (1994)

Annales de l'institut Fourier


For correlations of the form (0.2) we consider a critical case and prove power decay upper bounds in terms of the fundamental solution of a certain elliptic operator. This is achieved by improving the use of a maximum principle. We also formulate a general maximum principle and give two applications.