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Necessary and sufficient Tauberian conditions for the logarithmic summability of functions and sequences

Ferenc Móricz (2013)

Studia Mathematica

Let s: [1,∞) → ℂ be a locally Lebesgue integrable function. We say that s is summable (L,1) if there exists some A ∈ ℂ such that l i m t τ ( t ) = A , where τ ( t ) : = 1 / ( l o g t ) 1 t s ( u ) / u d u . (*) It is clear that if the ordinary limit s(t) → A exists, then also τ(t) → A as t → ∞. We present sufficient conditions, which are also necessary, in order that the converse implication hold true. As corollaries, we obtain so-called Tauberian theorems which are analogous to those known in the case of summability (C,1). For example, if the function s is slowly...

Statistical extensions of some classical Tauberian theorems in nondiscrete setting

Ferenc Móricz (2007)

Colloquium Mathematicae

Schmidt’s classical Tauberian theorem says that if a sequence ( s k : k = 0 , 1 , . . . ) of real numbers is summable (C,1) to a finite limit and slowly decreasing, then it converges to the same limit. In this paper, we prove a nondiscrete version of Schmidt’s theorem in the setting of statistical summability (C,1) of real-valued functions that are slowly decreasing on ℝ ₊. We prove another Tauberian theorem in the case of complex-valued functions that are slowly oscillating on ℝ ₊. In the proofs we make use of two nondiscrete...

The well-behaved Catalan and Brownian averages and their applications to real resummation.

Frédéric Menous (1997)

Publicacions Matemàtiques

The aim of this expository paper is to introduce the well-behaved uniformizing averages, which are useful in resummation theory. These averages associate three essential, but often antithetic, properties: respecting convolution; preserving realness; reproducing lateral growth. These new objects are serviceable in real resummation and we sketch two typical applications: the unitary iteration of unitary diffeomorphisms and the real normalization of real, local, analytic, vector fields.

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