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A class of statistical and σ -conservative matrices

Hüsamettin Çoşkun, Celal Çakan (2005)

Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal

In [5] and [10], statistical-conservative and σ -conservative matrices were characterized. In this note we have determined a class of statistical and σ -conservative matrices studying some inequalities which are analogous to Knopp’s Core Theorem.

A series whose sum range is an arbitrary finite set

Jakub Onufry Wojtaszczyk (2005)

Studia Mathematica

In finite-dimensional spaces the sum range of a series has to be an affine subspace. It has long been known that this is not the case in infinite-dimensional Banach spaces. In particular in 1984 M. I. Kadets and K. Woźniakowski obtained an example of a series whose sum range consisted of two points, and asked whether it was possible to obtain more than two, but finitely many points. This paper answers this question affirmatively, by showing how to obtain an arbitrary finite set as the sum range...

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