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A property for locally convex *-algebras related to property (T) and character amenability

Xiao Chen, Anthony To-Ming Lau, Chi-Keung Ng (2015)

Studia Mathematica

For a locally convex *-algebra A equipped with a fixed continuous *-character ε (which is roughly speaking a generalized F*-algebra), we define a cohomological property, called property (FH), which is similar to character amenability. Let C c ( G ) be the space of continuous functions with compact support on a second countable locally compact group G equipped with the convolution *-algebra structure and a certain inductive topology. We show that ( C c ( G ) , ε G ) has property (FH) if and only if G has property (T). On...

Bounded elements and spectrum in Banach quasi *-algebras

Camillo Trapani (2006)

Studia Mathematica

A normal Banach quasi *-algebra (,) has a distinguished Banach *-algebra b consisting of bounded elements of . The latter *-algebra is shown to coincide with the set of elements of having finite spectral radius. If the family () of bounded invariant positive sesquilinear forms on contains sufficiently many elements then the Banach *-algebra of bounded elements can be characterized via a C*-seminorm defined by the elements of ().

Fully representable and *-semisimple topological partial *-algebras

J.-P. Antoine, G. Bellomonte, C. Trapani (2012)

Studia Mathematica

We continue our study of topological partial *-algebras, focusing our attention on *-semisimple partial *-algebras, that is, those that possess a multiplication core and sufficiently many *-representations. We discuss the respective roles of invariant positive sesquilinear (ips) forms and representable continuous linear functionals, and focus on the case where the two notions are completely interchangeable (fully representable partial *-algebras) with the aim of characterizing a *-semisimple partial...

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