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Computing the differential of an unfolded contact diffeomorphism

Klaus Böhmer, Drahoslava Janovská, Vladimír Janovský (2003)

Applications of Mathematics

Consider a bifurcation problem, namely, its bifurcation equation. There is a diffeomorphism Φ linking the actual solution set with an unfolded normal form of the bifurcation equation. The differential D Φ ( 0 ) of this diffeomorphism is a valuable information for a numerical analysis of the imperfect bifurcation. The aim of this paper is to construct algorithms for a computation of D Φ ( 0 ) . Singularity classes containing bifurcation points with c o d i m 3 , c o r a n k = 1 are considered.

Modified Nash triviality of a family of zero-sets of real polynomial mappings

Toshizumi Fukui, Satoshi Koike, Masahiro Shiota (1998)

Annales de l'institut Fourier

In this paper we introduce the notion of modified Nash triviality for a family of zero sets of real polynomial map-germs as a desirable one. We first give a Nash isotopy lemma which is a useful tool to show triviality.Then, using it, we prove two types of modified Nash triviality theorem and a finite classification theorem for this triviality. These theorems strengthen similar topological results.

Projections of surfaces with singular boundary

Hassan Babiker (2008)

Banach Center Publications

Singular projections of generic 2-dim surfaces in ℝ³ with singular boundary to 2-space are studied. The case of projections of surfaces with nonsingular boundary has been treated by Bruce and Giblin. The aim of this paper is to generalise these results to the simplest singular case where the boundary of the surface consists of two transversally intersecting lines. Local models for germs of generic singular projections of corank ≤ 1 and codimension ≤ 3 are given. We also present geometrical realisations...

The index of analytic vector fields and Newton polyhedra

Carles Bivià-Ausina (2003)

Fundamenta Mathematicae

We prove that if f:(ℝⁿ,0) → (ℝⁿ,0) is an analytic map germ such that f - 1 ( 0 ) = 0 and f satisfies a certain non-degeneracy condition with respect to a Newton polyhedron Γ₊ ⊆ ℝⁿ, then the index of f only depends on the principal parts of f with respect to the compact faces of Γ₊. In particular, we obtain a known result on the index of semi-weighted-homogeneous map germs. We also discuss non-degenerate vector fields in the sense of Khovanskiĭand special applications of our results to planar analytic vector fields....

The rectifying developable and the spherical Darboux image of a space curve

Shyuichi Izumiya, Haruyo Katsumi, Takako Yamasaki (1999)

Banach Center Publications

In this paper we study singularities of certain surfaces and curves associated with the family of rectifying planes along space curves. We establish the relationships between singularities of these subjects and geometric invariants of curves which are deeply related to the order of contact with helices.

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