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On the measurement of the activity of a radioactive source and a related stochastic process.

J. M. F. Chamayou (1981)


A method is presented to compute the activity of a radioactive source. The principle of the method is based on the tuning of b, the time constant of the RC circuit of the detector with l being the rate of emission of the source, using a statistical argument.The stochastical process involved refers to the distribution of the following random voltage:Vt = ∑(0 < ti ≤ t) Yi c-b(t - ti)where the ti are Poisson dates of emission and the Yi are random or deterministic pulse heights. The case of...

Stereology of grain boundary precipitates

Vratislav Horálek (1989)

Aplikace matematiky

Precipitates modelled by rotary symmetrical lens-shaped discs are situated on matrix grain boundaries and the homogeneous specimen is intersected by a plate section. The stereological model presented enables one to express all basic parameters of spatial structure and moments of the corresponding probability distributions of quantitative characteristics of precipitates in terms of planar structure parameters the values of which can be estimated from measurements carried out in the plane section....

Three-dimensional reconstruction from projections

Jiří Jelínek, Karel Segeth, T. R. Overton (1985)

Aplikace matematiky

Computerized tomograhphy is a technique for computation and visualization of density (i.e. X- or γ -ray absorption coefficients) distribution over a cross-sectional anatomic plane from a set of projections. Three-dimensional reconstruction may be obtained by using a system of parallel planes. For the reconstruction of the transverse section it is necessary to choose an appropriate method taking into account the geometry of the data collection, the noise in projection data, the amount of data, the...

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