The topological rationality of linear representations

Sylvain E. Cappell; Julius L. Shaneson

Publications Mathématiques de l'IHÉS (1982)

  • Volume: 56, page 101-128
  • ISSN: 0073-8301

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Cappell, Sylvain E., and Shaneson, Julius L.. "The topological rationality of linear representations." Publications Mathématiques de l'IHÉS 56 (1982): 101-128. <>.

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publisher = {Institut des Hautes Études Scientifiques},
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AU - Cappell, Sylvain E.
AU - Shaneson, Julius L.
TI - The topological rationality of linear representations
JO - Publications Mathématiques de l'IHÉS
PY - 1982
PB - Institut des Hautes Études Scientifiques
VL - 56
SP - 101
EP - 128
LA - eng
KW - surgery theory; topologically equivalent linear representations; real representations; representations over cyclotomic fields
UR -
ER -


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