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A complement to the theory of equivariant finiteness obstructions

Paweł Andrzejewski (1996)

Fundamenta Mathematicae

It is known ([1], [2]) that a construction of equivariant finiteness obstructions leads to a family w α H ( X ) of elements of the groups K 0 ( [ π 0 ( W H ( X ) ) α * ] ) . We prove that every family w α H of elements of the groups K 0 ( [ π 0 ( W H ( X ) ) α * ] ) can be realized as the family of equivariant finiteness obstructions w α H ( X ) of an appropriate finitely dominated G-complex X. As an application of this result we show the natural equivalence of the geometric construction of equivariant finiteness obstruction ([5], [6]) and equivariant generalization of Wall’s obstruction...

A G -minimal model for principal G -bundles

Shrawan Kumar (1982)

Annales de l'institut Fourier

Sullivan associated a uniquely determined D G A | Q to any simply connected simplicial complex E . This algebra (called minimal model) contains the total (and exactly) rational homotopy information of the space E . In case E is the total space of a principal G -bundle, ( G is a compact connected Lie-group) we associate a G -equivariant model U G [ E ] , which is a collection of “ G -homotopic” D G A ’s | R with G -action. U G [ E ] will, in general, be different from the Sullivan’s minimal model of the space E . U G [ E ] contains the total rational...

Affine group acting on hyperspaces of compact convex subsets of ℝⁿ

Sergey A. Antonyan, Natalia Jonard-Pérez (2013)

Fundamenta Mathematicae

For every n ≥ 2, let cc(ℝⁿ) denote the hyperspace of all nonempty compact convex subsets of the Euclidean space ℝⁿ endowed with the Hausdorff metric topology. Let cb(ℝⁿ) be the subset of cc(ℝⁿ) consisting of all compact convex bodies. In this paper we discover several fundamental properties of the natural action of the affine group Aff(n) on cb(ℝⁿ). We prove that the space E(n) of all n-dimensional ellipsoids is an Aff(n)-equivariant retract of cb(ℝⁿ). This is applied to show that cb(ℝⁿ) is homeomorphic...

Equivariant classification of 2-torus manifolds

Zhi Lü, Mikiya Masuda (2009)

Colloquium Mathematicae

We consider locally standard 2-torus manifolds, which are a generalization of small covers of Davis and Januszkiewicz and study their equivariant classification. We formulate a necessary and sufficient condition for two locally standard 2-torus manifolds over the same orbit space to be equivariantly homeomorphic. This leads us to count the equivariant homeomorphism classes of locally standard 2-torus manifolds with the same orbit space.

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