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Fixed point theory and the K-theoretic trace

Ross Geoghegan, Andrew Nicas (1999)

Banach Center Publications

The relationship between fixed point theory and K-theory is explained, both classical Nielsen theory (versus K 0 ) and 1-parameter fixed point theory (versus K 1 ). In particular, various zeta functions associated with suspension flows are shown to come in a natural way as “traces” of “torsions” of Whitehead and Reidemeister type.

Hypersurfaces in n and critical points in their external region

P. M. G. Manchón (2002)

Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal

In this paper we study the hypersurfaces M n given as connected compact regular fibers of a differentiable map f : n + 1 , in the cases in which f has finitely many nondegenerate critical points in the unbounded component of n + 1 - M n .

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