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Extending analyticK-subanalytic functions

Artur Piękosz — 2004

Open Mathematics

Letg:U→ℝ (U open in ℝn) be an analytic and K-subanalytic (i. e. definable in ℝanK, whereK, the field of exponents, is any subfield ofℝ) function. Then the set of points, denoted Σ, whereg does not admit an analytic extension is K-subanalytic andg can be extended analytically to a neighbourhood of Ū.

A topological version of Bertini's theorem

Artur Piękosz — 1995

Annales Polonici Mathematici

We give a topological version of a Bertini type theorem due to Abhyankar. A new definition of a branched covering is given. If the restriction π V : V Y of the natural projection π: Y × Z → Y to a closed set V ⊂ Y × Z is a branched covering then, under certain assumptions, we can obtain generators of the fundamental group π₁((Y×Z).

On semialgebraic points of definable sets

Artur Piękosz — 1998

Banach Center Publications

We prove that the semialgebraic, algebraic, and algebraic nonsingular points of a definable set in o-minimal structure with analytic cell decomposition are definable. Moreover, the operation of taking semialgebraic points is idempotent and the degree of complexity of semialgebraic points is bounded.

On generalized topological spaces I

Artur Piękosz — 2013

Annales Polonici Mathematici

We begin a systematic study of the category GTS of generalized topological spaces (in the sense of H. Delfs and M. Knebusch) and their strictly continuous mappings. We reformulate the axioms. Generalized topology is found to be connected with the concept of a bornological universe. Both GTS and its full subcategory SS of small spaces are topological categories. The second part of this paper will also appear in this journal.

On generalized topological spaces II

Artur Piękosz — 2013

Annales Polonici Mathematici

This is the second part of A. Piękosz [Ann. Polon. Math. 107 (2013), 217-241]. The categories GTS(M), with M a non-empty set, are shown to be topological. Several related categories are proved to be finitely complete. Locally small and nice weakly small spaces can be described using certain sublattices of power sets. Some important elements of the theory of locally definable and weakly definable spaces are reconstructed in a wide context of structures with topologies.

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