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A comparison of some efficient numerical methods for a nonlinear elliptic problem

Balázs Kovács — 2012

Open Mathematics

The aim of this paper is to compare and realize three efficient iterative methods, which have mesh independent convergence, and to propose some improvements for them. We look for the numerical solution of a nonlinear model problem using FEM discretization with gradient and Newton type methods. Three numerical methods have been carried out, namely, the gradient, Newton and quasi-Newton methods. We have solved the model problem with these methods, we have investigated the differences between them...

On the numerical performance of a sharp a posteriori error estimator for some nonlinear elliptic problems

Balázs Kovács — 2014

Applications of Mathematics

Karátson and Korotov developed a sharp upper global a posteriori error estimator for a large class of nonlinear problems of elliptic type, see J. Karátson, S. Korotov (2009). The goal of this paper is to check its numerical performance, and to demonstrate the efficiency and accuracy of this estimator on the base of quasilinear elliptic equations of the second order. The focus will be on the technical and numerical aspects and on the components of the error estimation, especially on the adequate...

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