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Holomorphic germs on Banach spaces

Chae Soo Bong — 1971

Annales de l'institut Fourier

Let E and F be two complex Banach spaces, U a nonempty subset of E and K a compact subset of E . The concept of holomorphy type θ between E and F , and the natural locally convex topology 𝒯 ω , θ on the vector space θ ( U , F ) of all holomorphic mappings of a given holomorphy type θ from U to F were considered first by L. Nachbin. Motived by his work, we introduce the locally convex space θ ( K , F ) of all germs of holomorphic mappings into F around K of a given holomorphy type θ , and study its interplay with θ ( U , F ) and some...

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