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Generating Vectors for the Lattice Structures of Tubular and Conical Viral Capsids

Farrah Sadre-MarandiJiangguo LiuSimon TavenerChaoping Chen — 2014

Molecular Based Mathematical Biology

Retrovirus capsid is a fullerene-like lattice consisting of capsid protein hexamers and pentamers. Mathematical models for the lattice structure help understand the underlying biological mechanisms in the formation of viral capsids. It is known that viral capsids could be categorized into three major types: icosahedron, tube, and cone. While the model for icosahedral capsids is established and well-received, models for tubular and conical capsids need further investigation. This paper proposes new...

Curvature Concentrations on the HIV-1 Capsid

Jiangguo LiuFarrah Sadre-MarandiSimon TavenerChaoping Chen — 2015

Molecular Based Mathematical Biology

It is known that the retrovirus capsids possess a fullerene-like structure. These caged polyhedral arrangements are built entirely from hexagons and exactly 12 pentagons according to the Euler theorem. Viral capsids are composed of capsid proteins, which create the hexagon and pentagon shapes by groups of six (hexamer) and five (pentamer) proteins. Different distributions of these 12 pentamers result in icosahedral, tubular, or conical shaped capsids. These pentamer clusters introduce declination...

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