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The tensor algebra of power series spaces

Dietmar Vogt — 2009

Studia Mathematica

The linear isomorphism type of the tensor algebra T(E) of Fréchet spaces and, in particular, of power series spaces is studied. While for nuclear power series spaces of infinite type it is always s, the situation for finite type power series spaces is more complicated. The linear isomorphism T(s) ≅ s can be used to define a multiplication on s which makes it a Fréchet m-algebra s . This may be used to give an algebra analogue to the structure theory of s, that is, characterize Fréchet m-algebras...

Spaces of Whitney jets on self-similar sets

Dietmar Vogt — 2013

Studia Mathematica

It is shown that complemented subspaces of s, that is, nuclear Fréchet spaces with properties (DN) and (Ω), which are 'almost normwise isomorphic' to a multiple direct sum of copies of themselves are isomorphic to s. This is applied, for instance, to spaces of Whitney jets on the Cantor set or the Sierpiński triangle and gives new results and also sheds new light on known results.

Structure theory of power series spaces of infinite type.

Dietmar Vogt — 2003


The paper gives a complete characterization of the subspaces, quotients and complemented subspaces of a stable power series space of infinite type without the assumption of nuclearity, so extending previous work of M. J. Wagner and the author to the nonnuclear case. Various sufficient conditions for the existence of bases in complemented subspaces of infinite type power series spaces are also extended to the nonnuclear case.

Non-natural topologies on spaces of holomorphic functions

Dietmar Vogt — 2013

Annales Polonici Mathematici

It is shown that every proper Fréchet space with weak*-separable dual admits uncountably many inequivalent Fréchet topologies. This applies, in particular, to spaces of holomorphic functions, solving in the negative a problem of Jarnicki and Pflug. For this case an example with a short self-contained proof is added.

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