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Unique factorisation of additive induced-hereditary properties

Alastair FarrugiaR. Bruce Richter — 2004

Discussiones Mathematicae Graph Theory

An additive hereditary graph property is a set of graphs, closed under isomorphism and under taking subgraphs and disjoint unions. Let ₁,...,ₙ be additive hereditary graph properties. A graph G has property (₁∘...∘ₙ) if there is a partition (V₁,...,Vₙ) of V(G) into n sets such that, for all i, the induced subgraph G [ V i ] is in i . A property is reducible if there are properties , such that = ∘ ; otherwise it is irreducible. Mihók, Semanišin and Vasky [8] gave a factorisation for any additive hereditary...

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