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On the Heyde theorem for discrete Abelian groups

G. M. Feldman — 2006

Studia Mathematica

Let X be a countable discrete Abelian group, Aut(X) the set of automorphisms of X, and I(X) the set of idempotent distributions on X. Assume that α₁, α₂, β₁, β₂ ∈ Aut(X) satisfy β α - 1 ± β α - 1 A u t ( X ) . Let ξ₁, ξ₂ be independent random variables with values in X and distributions μ₁, μ₂. We prove that the symmetry of the conditional distribution of L₂ = β₁ξ₁ + β₂ξ₂ given L₁ = α₁ξ₁ + α₂ξ₂ implies that μ₁, μ₂ ∈ I(X) if and only if the group X contains no elements of order two. This theorem can be considered as an analogue...

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