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An algorithm for free algebras

Jaroslav Ježek — 2010

Commentationes Mathematicae Universitatis Carolinae

We present an algorithm for constructing the free algebra over a given finite partial algebra in the variety determined by a finite list of equations. The algorithm succeeds whenever the desired free algebra is finite.

Termal groupoids

Jaroslav Ježek — 2002

Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal

We investigate the factor of the groupoid of terms through the largest congruence with a given set among its blocks. The set is supposed to be closed for overterms.

Constructions over tournaments

Jaroslav Ježek — 2003

Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal

We investigate tournaments that are projective in the variety that they generate, and free algebras over partial tournaments in that variety. We prove that the variety determined by three-variable equations of tournaments is not locally finite. We also construct infinitely many finite, pairwise incomparable simple tournaments.

Definability for equational theories of commutative groupoids

Jaroslav Ježek — 2012

Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal

We find several large classes of equations with the property that every automorphism of the lattice of equational theories of commutative groupoids fixes any equational theory generated by such equations, and every equational theory generated by finitely many such equations is a definable element of the lattice. We conjecture that the lattice has no non-identical automorphisms.

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