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Successive derivatives and finite expansions involving the H-function of one and more variables

C. M. JoshiN. L. Joshi — 1997

Annales Polonici Mathematici

Certain results including the successive derivatives of the H-function of one and more variables are established. These remove the limitations of Ławrynowicz's (1969) formulas and as a result extend the results of Skibiński [13] and various other authors. As an application some finite expansion formulas are also established, which reduce to hypergeometric functions of one and more variables that are of common interest.

Scattering on stratified media: the microlocal properties of the scattering matrix and recovering asymptotics of perturbations

Tanya ChristiansenM. S. Joshi — 2003

Annales de l’institut Fourier

The scattering matrix is defined on a perturbed stratified medium. For a class of perturbations, its main part at fixed energy is a Fourier integral operator on the sphere at infinity. Proving this is facilitated by developing a refined limiting absorption principle. The symbol of the scattering matrix determines the asymptotics of a large class of perturbations.

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