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On the homotopy type of (n-1)-connected (3n+1)-dimensional free chain Lie algebra

Mahmoud BenkhalifaNabilah Abughzalah — 2005

Open Mathematics

Let R be a subring ring of Q. We reserve the symbol p for the least prime which is not a unit in R; if R ⊒Q, then p=∞. Denote by DGL nnp, n≥1, the category of (n-1)-connected np-dimensional differential graded free Lie algebras over R. In [1] D. Anick has shown that there is a reasonable concept of homotopy in the category DGL nnp. In this work we intend to answer the following two questions: Given an object (L(V), ϖ) in DGL n3n+2 and denote by S(L(V), ϖ) the class of objects homotopy equivalent...

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