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Dirac and Plateau billiards in domains with corners

Misha Gromov — 2014

Open Mathematics

Groping our way toward a theory of singular spaces with positive scalar curvatures we look at the Dirac operator and a generalized Plateau problem in Riemannian manifolds with corners. Using these, we prove that the set of C 2-smooth Riemannian metrics g on a smooth manifold X, such that scalg(x) ≥ κ(x), is closed under C 0-limits of Riemannian metrics for all continuous functions κ on X. Apart from that our progress is limited but we formulate many conjectures. All along, we emphasize geometry,...

Plateau-Stein manifolds

Misha Gromov — 2014

Open Mathematics

We study/construct (proper and non-proper) Morse functions f on complete Riemannian manifolds X such that the hypersurfaces f(x) = t for all −∞ < t < +∞ have positive mean curvatures at all non-critical points x ∈ X of f. We show, for instance, that if X admits no such (not necessarily proper) function, then it contains a (possibly, singular) complete (possibly, compact) minimal hypersurface of finite volume.

Hilbert volume in metric spaces. Part 1

Misha Gromov — 2012

Open Mathematics

We introduce a notion of Hilbertian n-volume in metric spaces with Besicovitch-type inequalities built-in into the definitions. The present Part 1 of the article is, for the most part, dedicated to the reformulation of known results in our terms with proofs being reduced to (almost) pure tautologies. If there is any novelty in the paper, this is in forging certain terminology which, ultimately, may turn useful in an Alexandrov kind of approach to singular spaces with positive scalar curvature [Gromov...

Endomorphisms of symbolic algebraic varieties

Misha Gromov — 1999

Journal of the European Mathematical Society

The theorem of Ax says that any regular selfmapping of a complex algebraic variety is either surjective or non-injective; this property is called surjunctivity and investigated in the present paper in the category of proregular mappings of proalgebraic spaces. We show that such maps are surjunctive if they commute with sufficiently large automorphism groups. Of particular interest is the case of proalgebraic varieties over infinite graphs. The paper intends to bring out relations between model theory,...

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