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Numerical controllability of the wave equation through primal methods and Carleman estimates

Nicolae CîndeaEnrique Fernández-CaraArnaud Münch — 2013

ESAIM: Control, Optimisation and Calculus of Variations

This paper deals with the numerical computation of boundary null controls for the 1D wave equation with a potential. The goal is to compute approximations of controls that drive the solution from a prescribed initial state to zero at a large enough controllability time. We do not apply in this work the usual duality arguments but explore instead a direct approach in the framework of global Carleman estimates. More precisely, we consider the control that minimizes over the class of admissible null...

Optimal placement of electrodes in an electroporation process

Electroporation consists in increasing the permeability of a tissue by applying high voltage pulses. In this paper we discuss the question of optimal placement and optimal loading of electrodes such that electroporation holds only in a given open set of the domain. The electroporated set of the domain is where the norm of the electric field is above a given threshold value. We use a standard gradient algorithm to optimize the loading of the electrodes...

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