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Monotone optimal policies in discounted Markov decision processes with transition probabilities independent of the current state: existence and approximation

Rosa María Flores-Hernández — 2013


In this paper there are considered Markov decision processes (MDPs) that have the discounted cost as the objective function, state and decision spaces that are subsets of the real line but are not necessarily finite or denumerable. The considered MDPs have a cost function that is possibly unbounded, and dynamic independent of the current state. The considered decision sets are possibly non-compact. In the context described, conditions to obtain either an increasing or decreasing optimal stationary...

Noncooperative games with noncompact joint strategies sets: increasing best responses and approximation to equilibrium points

In this paper conditions proposed in Flores-Hernández and Montes-de-Oca [3] which permit to obtain monotone minimizers of unbounded optimization problems on Euclidean spaces are adapted in suitable versions to study noncooperative games on Euclidean spaces with noncompact sets of feasible joint strategies in order to obtain increasing optimal best responses for each player. Moreover, in this noncompact framework an algorithm to approximate the equilibrium points for noncooperative games is supplied....

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