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Some investigations in minimax estimation theory

1. IntroductionThough the theory of minimax estimation was originated about thirty five years ago (see [7], [8], [9], [23]), there are still many unsolved problems in this area. Several papers have been devoted to statistical games in which the set of a priori distributions of the parameter was suitably restricted ([2], [10], [13]). Recently, special attention was paid to the problem of admissibility ([24], [3], [11], [12]).This paper is devoted to the problem of determining minimax stopping rules...

A mixed duel under arbitrary motion and uncertain existence of the shot

Stanisław Trybuła — 1993

Applicationes Mathematicae

The purpose of the paper is to solve a mixed duel in which the numbers of shots given to the players are independent 0-1-valued random variables. The players know their distributions as well as the accuracy function P, the same for both players. It is assumed that the players can move as they like and that the maximal speed of the first player is greater than that of the second player. It is shown that the game has a value, and a pair of optimal strategies is found.

Minimax mutual prediction

Stanisław Trybuła — 2000

Applicationes Mathematicae

The problems of minimax mutual prediction are considered for binomial and multinomial random variables and for sums of limited random variables with unknown distribution. For the loss function being a linear combination of quadratic losses minimax mutual predictors are determined where the parameters of predictors are obtained by numerical solution of some equations.

Minimax mutual prediction of multinomial random variables

Stanisław Trybuła — 2003

Applicationes Mathematicae

The problem of minimax mutual prediction is considered for multinomial random variables with the loss function being a linear combination of quadratic losses connected with prediction of particular variables. The basic parameter of the minimax mutual predictor is determined by numerical solution of some equation.

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