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Discrete multivariate truncated distributions

T. Gerstenkorn — 1978

Mathematica Applicanda

Let X(1),⋯,X(k),X(k+1) be random variables that take nonnegative integer values and let (∗) ∑(i,1,k+1)X(i)=n. The joint distribution of the first k variables is given by the probability function p(x(1),⋯,x(k))=P(X(1)=x(1),⋯,X(k)=x(k)). A truncation of the component X(i) of the vector X=(X(1),⋯,X(k)) is defined by the constraint b(i)≤X(i)≤n, where b(i) is a positive integer. The author obtains an expression for the probability function p∗(x(1),⋯,x(t),x(t+1),⋯,x(k)) of the vector X∗, which is obtained...

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