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Primeness and semiprimeness in posets

Vilas S. KharatKhalid A. Mokbel — 2009

Mathematica Bohemica

The concept of a semiprime ideal in a poset is introduced. Characterizations of semiprime ideals in a poset P as well as characterizations of a semiprime ideal to be prime in P are obtained in terms of meet-irreducible elements of the lattice of ideals of P and in terms of maximality of ideals. Also, prime ideals in a poset are characterized.

0-distributive posets

Khalid A. MokbelVilas S. Kharat — 2013

Mathematica Bohemica

Several characterizations of 0-distributive posets are obtained by using the prime ideals as well as the semiprime ideals. It is also proved that if every proper l -filter of a poset is contained in a proper semiprime filter, then it is 0 -distributive. Further, the concept of a semiatom in 0-distributive posets is introduced and characterized in terms of dual atoms and also in terms of maximal annihilator. Moreover, semiatomic 0-distributive posets are defined and characterized. It is shown that...

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