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Some global results for nonlinear fourth order eigenvalue problems

Ziyatkhan Aliyev (2014)

Open Mathematics


In this paper, we consider the nonlinear fourth order eigenvalue problem. We show the existence of family of unbounded continua of nontrivial solutions bifurcating from the line of trivial solutions. These global continua have properties similar to those found in Rabinowitz and Berestycki well-known global bifurcation theorems.

On bifurcation intervals for nonlinear eigenvalue problems

Jolanta Przybycin (1999)

Annales Polonici Mathematici


We give a sufficient condition for [μ-M, μ+M] × {0} to be a bifurcation interval of the equation u = L(λu + F(u)), where L is a linear symmetric operator in a Hilbert space, μ ∈ r(L) is of odd multiplicity, and F is a nonlinear operator. This abstract result provides an elementary proof of the existence of bifurcation intervals for some eigenvalue problems with nondifferentiable nonlinearities. All the results obtained may be easily transferred to the case of bifurcation from infinity. ...

On a nonlinear elliptic system: resonance and bifurcation cases

Mario Zuluaga Uribe (1999)

Commentationes Mathematicae Universitatis Carolinae


In this paper we consider an elliptic system at resonance and bifurcation type with zero Dirichlet condition. We use a Lyapunov-Schmidt approach and we will give applications to Biharmonic Equations.