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Topological invariants of isolated complete intersection curve singularities

V. H. Jorge Pérez, M. E. Hernandes (2009)

Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal


In this paper we present some formulae for topological invariants of projective complete intersection curves with isolated singularities in terms of the Milnor number, the Euler characteristic and the topological genus. We also present some conditions, involving the Milnor number and the degree of the curve, for the irreducibility of complete intersection curves.

Deformation of polar methods

David B. Massey, Dirk Siersma (1992)

Annales de l'institut Fourier


We study deformations of hypersurfaces with one-dimensional singular loci by two different methods. The first method is by using the Le numbers of a hypersurfaces singularity — this falls under the general heading of a “polar” method. The second method is by studying the number of certain special types of singularities which occur in generic deformations of the original hypersurface. We compare and contrast these two methods, and provide a large number of examples.