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An extended Prony’s interpolation scheme on an equispaced grid

Dovile Karalienė, Zenonas Navickas, Raimondas Čiegis, Minvydas Ragulskis (2015)

Open Mathematics


An interpolation scheme on an equispaced grid based on the concept of the minimal order of the linear recurrent sequence is proposed in this paper. This interpolation scheme is exact when the number of nodes corresponds to the order of the linear recurrent function. It is shown that it is still possible to construct a nearest mimicking algebraic interpolant if the order of the linear recurrent function does not exist. The proposed interpolation technique can be considered as the extension...

On the interpolation constants over triangular elements

Kobayashi, Kenta


We propose a simple method to obtain sharp upper bounds for the interpolation error constants over the given triangular elements. These constants are important for analysis of interpolation error and especially for the error analysis in the Finite Element Method. In our method, interpolation constants are bounded by the product of the solution of corresponding finite dimensional eigenvalue problems and constant which is slightly larger than one. Guaranteed upper bounds for these constants...

Extending Babuška-Aziz's theorem to higher-order Lagrange interpolation

Kenta Kobayashi, Takuya Tsuchiya (2016)

Applications of Mathematics


We consider the error analysis of Lagrange interpolation on triangles and tetrahedrons. For Lagrange interpolation of order one, Babuška and Aziz showed that squeezing a right isosceles triangle perpendicularly does not deteriorate the optimal approximation order. We extend their technique and result to higher-order Lagrange interpolation on both triangles and tetrahedrons. To this end, we make use of difference quotients of functions with two or three variables. Then, the error estimates...

Convergence theory for the exact interpolation scheme with approximation vector as the first column of the prolongator and Rayleigh quotient iteration nonlinear smoother

Petr Vaněk, Ivana Pultarová (2017)

Applications of Mathematics


We extend the analysis of the recently proposed nonlinear EIS scheme applied to the partial eigenvalue problem. We address the case where the Rayleigh quotient iteration is used as the smoother on the fine-level. Unlike in our previous theoretical results, where the smoother given by the linear inverse power method is assumed, we prove nonlinear speed-up when the approximation becomes close to the exact solution. The speed-up is cubic. Unlike existent convergence estimates for the Rayleigh...