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Signature of rotors

Mieczysław K. Dąbkowski, Makiko Ishiwata, Józef H. Przytycki, Akira Yasuhara (2004)

Fundamenta Mathematicae


Rotors were introduced as a generalization of mutation by Anstee, Przytycki and Rolfsen in 1987. In this paper we show that the Tristram-Levine signature is preserved by orientation-preserving rotations. Moreover, we show that any link invariant obtained from the characteristic polynomial of the Goeritz matrix, including the Murasugi-Trotter signature, is not changed by rotations. In 2001, P. Traczyk showed that the Conway polynomials of any pair of orientation-preserving rotants coincide....

A subresultant theory of multivariate polynomials.

Laureano González Vega (1990)

Extracta Mathematicae


In Computer Algebra, Subresultant Theory provides a powerful method to construct algorithms solving problems for polynomials in one variable in an optimal way. So, using this method we can compute the greatest common divisor of two polynomials in one variable with integer coefficients avoiding the exponential growth of the coefficients that will appear if we use the Euclidean Algorithm. In this note, generalizing a forgotten construction appearing in [Hab], we extend the...

A new exceptional polynomial for the integer transfinite diameter of [ 0 , 1 ]

Qiang Wu (2003)

Journal de théorie des nombres de Bordeaux


Using refinement of an algorithm given by Habsieger and Salvy to find integer polynomials with smallest sup norm on [0, 1] we extend their table of polynomials up to degree 100. For the degree 95 we find a new exceptionnal polynomial which has complex roots. Our method uses generalized Müntz-Legendre polynomials. We improve slightly the upper bound for the integer transfinite diameter of [0, 1] and give elementary proofs of lower bounds for the exponents of some critical polynomials. ...