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Around real Enriques surfaces.

Alexander Degtyarev, Vlatcheslav Kharlamov (1997)

Revista Matemática de la Universidad Complutense de Madrid


We present a brief overview of the classification of real Enriques surfaces completed recently and make an attempt to systemize the known classification results for other special types of surfaces. Emphasis is also given to the particular tools used and to the general phenomena discovered; in particular, we prove two new congruence type prohibitions on the Euler characteristic of the real part of a real algebraic surface.

Space-like Weingarten surfaces in the three-dimensional Minkowski space and their natural partial differential equations

Georgi Ganchev, Vesselka Mihova (2013)

Open Mathematics


On any space-like Weingarten surface in the three-dimensional Minkowski space we introduce locally natural principal parameters and prove that such a surface is determined uniquely up to motion by a special invariant function, which satisfies a natural non-linear partial differential equation. This result can be interpreted as a solution to the Lund-Regge reduction problem for space-like Weingarten surfaces in Minkowski space. We apply this theory to linear fractional space-like Weingarten...

Mazes on surfaces

Izidor Hafner, Tomislav Zitko (2003)

Visual Mathematics


Two remarks about surfaces

Wilczyński, Władysław, Rzepecka, Genowefa (2015-11-26T16:01:41Z)

Acta Universitatis Lodziensis. Folia Mathematica


From non-Kählerian surfaces to Cremona group of P 2 (C)

Georges Dloussky (2014)

Complex Manifolds


For any minimal compact complex surface S with n = b2(S) > 0 containing global spherical shells (GSS) we study the effectiveness of the 2n parameters given by the n blown up points. There exists a family of surfaces S → B with GSS which contains as fibers S, some Inoue-Hirzebruch surface and non minimal surfaces, such that blown up points are generically effective parameters. These families are versal outside a non empty hypersurface T ⊂ B. We deduce that, for any configuration of...