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Finite atomistic lattices that can be represented as lattices of quasivarieties

K. Adaricheva, Wiesław Dziobiak, V. Gorbunov (1993)

Fundamenta Mathematicae


We prove that a finite atomistic lattice can be represented as a lattice of quasivarieties if and only if it is isomorphic to the lattice of all subsemilattices of a finite semilattice. This settles a conjecture that appeared in the context of [11].

Lattice of ℤ-module

Yuichi Futa, Yasunari Shidama (2016)

Formalized Mathematics


In this article, we formalize the definition of lattice of ℤ-module and its properties in the Mizar system [5].We formally prove that scalar products in lattices are bilinear forms over the field of real numbers ℝ. We also formalize the definitions of positive definite and integral lattices and their properties. Lattice of ℤ-module is necessary for lattice problems, LLL (Lenstra, Lenstra and Lovász) base reduction algorithm [14], and cryptographic systems with lattices [15] and coding...