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A xylophone detector in space

Massimo Tinto (1997)

Banach Center Publications


We discuss spacecraft Doppler tracking for detecting gravitational waves in which Doppler data recorded on the ground are linearly combined with Doppler measurements made on board a spacecraft. By using the four-link radio system first proposed by Vessot and Levine [1] we derive a new method for removing from the combined data the frequency fluctuations due to the Earth troposphere, ionosphere, and mechanical vibrations of the antenna on the ground. This method also reduces the frequency...

Parameter influence on passive dynamic walking of a robot with flat feet

Xiangze Lin, Haibo Du, Shihua Li (2013)



The biped robot with flat feet and fixed ankles walking down a slope is a typical impulsive dynamic system. Steady passive gaits for such mechanism can be induced on certain shallow slopes without actuation. The steady gaits can be described by using stable non-smooth limit cycles in phase plane. In this paper, it is shown that the robot gaits are affected by three parameters, namely the ground slope, the length of the foot, and the mass ratio of the robot. As the ground slope is gradually...