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A numerical procedure for filtering and efficient high-order signal differentiation

Salim Ibrir, Sette Diop (2004)

International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science


In this paper, we propose a numerical algorithm for filtering and robust signal differentiation. The numerical procedure is based on the solution of a simplified linear optimization problem. A compromise between smoothing and fidelity with respect to the measurable data is achieved by the computation of an optimal regularization parameter that minimizes the Generalized Cross Validation criterion (GCV). Simulation results are given to highlight the effectiveness of the proposed procedure. ...

Design of an adaptive controller of LQG type: spline-based approach

Tatiana V. Guy, Miroslav Kárný (2000)



The paper presents an alternative approach to the design of a hybrid adaptive controller of Linear Quadratic Gaussian (LQG) type for linear stochastic controlled system. The approach is based on the combination standard building blocks of discrete LQG adaptive controller with the non-standard technique of modelling of a controlled system and spline approximation of involved signals. The method could be of interest for control of systems with complex models, in particular distributed...

Application of splines for determining the velocity characteristic of a medium from a vertical seismic survey

Vladimir Bogdanov, Wladimir Karsten, Valeriy Miroshnichenko, Yuriy Volkov (2013)

Open Mathematics


A method for solving the inverse kinematic problem of determining the velocity characteristic of a medium from a vertical seismic survey, is proposed. It is based on the combined use of the eikonal equation and spline methods of approximation for multivariable functions. The problem is solved by assuming a horizontally stratified medium; no assumptions about the number of layers and their thickness are made. First, using the data of the first arrival times of the seismic signal from...