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Sum-dominant sets and restricted-sum-dominant sets in finite abelian groups

David B. Penman, Matthew D. Wells (2014)

Acta Arithmetica


We call a subset A of an abelian group G sum-dominant when |A+A| > |A-A|. If |A⨣A| > |A-A|, where A⨣A comprises the sums of distinct elements of A, we say A is restricted-sum-dominant. In this paper we classify the finite abelian groups according to whether or not they contain sum-dominant sets (respectively restricted-sum-dominant sets). We also consider how much larger the sumset can be than the difference set in this context. Finally, generalising work of Zhao, we provide asymptotic...

Inverse zero-sum problems in finite Abelian p-groups

Benjamin Girard (2010)

Colloquium Mathematicae


We study the minimal number of elements of maximal order occurring in a zero-sumfree sequence over a finite Abelian p-group. For this purpose, and in the general context of finite Abelian groups, we introduce a new number, for which lower and upper bounds are proved in the case of finite Abelian p-groups. Among other consequences, our method implies that, if we denote by exp(G) the exponent of the finite Abelian p-group G considered, every zero-sumfree sequence S with maximal possible...