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Some results on local fields

Akram Lbekkouri (2013)

Annales UMCS, Mathematica


Let K be a local field with finite residue field of characteristic p. This paper is devoted to the study of the maximal abelian extension of K of exponent p−1 and its maximal p-abelian extension, especially the description of their Galois groups in solvable case. Then some properties of local fields in general case are studied too.

Henselian Discrete Valued Fields Admitting One-Dimensional Local Class Field Theory

Chipchakov, I. (2004)

Serdica Mathematical Journal


2000 Mathematics Subject Classification: 11S31 12E15 12F10 12J20. This paper gives a characterization of Henselian discrete valued fields whose finite abelian extensions are uniquely determined by their norm groups and related essentially in the same way as in the classical local class field theory. It determines the structure of the Brauer groups and character groups of Henselian discrete valued strictly primary quasilocal (or PQL-) fields, and thereby, describes the forms...